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Returning To Your Routine After A Break

Updated: Jan 14

It's August and the end of summer is approaching. The kids are back in school and it's time to get back on track with your healthy lifestyle routines. Whether you've taken a week off or a few months off it is always possible to return to a habit that was successful for you. For me, it's setting time aside to write more and be more present online.

The first thing to consider when you are planning to restart a habit or routine is decide what the habit will be. Then reflect on what was successful for you in the past. Also take into account how you felt when you took time off. This can help with motivation and maintenance of the habit.

Once you have defined your habit, set a realistic goal. Break down large goals into smaller measurable goals. Use a strategy like recording your data or reporting to an accountability buddy. Be patient and gradually ease back into your routine. Start with one habit and build on it or add to it over time.

Speaking of patience, be kind to your self. Creating the habit took time the first time around, and it will take time this time around. A day missed is not the end of your journey. Encourage yourself to try again tomorrow.

Have a plan. Mapping out and preparing for the week or day ahead can be a great way to successfully implement your habit. Writing things down or using an organizational app can be a great way to create and keep track of your plan. Remember that the plan is just a blueprint. It can be changed and updated and adjusted as you go. Being flexible and allowing for changes will reduce the stress of maintaining your habit or routine. It will also allow you to be more open to new experiences and strategies.

At this point you are feeling pretty good about returning to your habit. Celebrate your wins. Even if it's that you ate one more vegetable that day. Any win, no matter how small, counts! The improvement in your health or lifestyle is worth the small effort needed to reimplement a habit.


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