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What is a Health Coach and Why You Need One

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

A Health Coach is a professional who has training in the science of behavior change and the principles of lifestyle medicine. They can help you improve areas of your life including increasing physical activity, improving eating habits, getting a better night’s sleep, and reducing stress in your life. A Health Coach works with you to change habits that you are unhappy with and replace them with easy strategies to make positive changes.

A Health Coach is your advocate and is here to help inspire and support you.

If you have ever struggled to decide how to make changes and implement them, you could use individualized help. One on one coaching can help you to determine what you want and need to change and why. Once you've determined why you want to change, we can begin to find easy ways to integrate changes into your life.

My goal as a Health Coach is to help you determine the changes you want to make and achieve success through accountability and positive encouragement. I believe my clients are the expert in their own lives and I help them to identify their strengths and motivations to make changes. As a Health Coach, I respect my clients’ autonomy without judgment. I support their self discovery and assist them in their desired actions towards their self directed goals.

Our relationship is a partnership. My job as a Health Coach is not to tell you what to do, but work with you to determine the true reason you want to change and collaboratively create strategies to realize that change. Understanding why you want to change and coming up with your own strategies to achieve a goal is empowering. You know your own limitations and strengths, and can best determine what and how you choose and accomplish your goals. You are the expert on you. With a Health Coach by your side, you can try out new ideas and discuss why certain strategies didn't work. You can continue forward momentum towards lifestyle change regardless of set backs and you'll have someone to celebrate you and your wins.

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